Stopping Foreclosures

Time is of the essence and our attorneys can help you save your home. If you’ve become delinquent on your mortgage, our skilled attorneys can help you act quickly – before a sheriff’s sale is scheduled.

Minimize Damage and Recovering from Foreclosure:
The unstable housing market, especially in Northeast Ohio, is commonly a factor in missing mortgage payments. Often times, a home may be worth less than in owed. We will help you determine the best course of action if this is the case in your situation. We can assist you by:
  • Pursuing bankruptcy or other answers to address second mortgages no longer secured by home equity
  • Eliminate or minimize liabilities after foreclosure, to include actions preventing you from being sued for a past due balance
  • Prepare and plan for tax and other negative consequences after foreclosure

Retainable Assets
Knowing what properties you will be able to keep will help you determine which chapter you’d like to file under. Some non-exempt assets may be used or sold to pay creditors, while others are exempt and will be protected upon filing. Recent Ohio laws have changed and we can advise you how the court will treat your assets.

Ohio’s exemption laws, changed in favor of filers, can help protect your home, car, retirement accounts and other property.
  • If behind on mortgage payments and trying to stop home foreclosure, Chapter 13 may provide a solution.
  • Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to stay in your home, protect up to $20,200 per person in equity under new Ohio laws, but will not permanently stop a pending foreclosure.
  • As far as motor vehicles, you can normally protect up to $3,225 in equity of basic transportation, although luxury cars may not be possible or practical. Reaffirmation agreements and trustee-approved plans of payment are sometimes possible.

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